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10th September
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Understand and practise some key aspects to British pronunciation with Alice in the Peak Pronunciation Workshop

Welcome to the exciting live launch of the Peak Pronunciation Programme

As you might know, if you’ve been following me for a while, I’ve gathered all my international experience teaching British English and pronunciation over the past 12 years and put it all into a clear, concise and tailor-made course called the Peak Pronunciation Programme (P.P.P.) on Friday 10th September at 3 pm(GMT+1).


To celebrate the launch of the P.P.P., I would like to invite you to the free Peak Pronunciation Workshop, in which you will learn about the following:

  • An overview of the aspects of British English Pronunciation and its importance to you as an English learner
  • The secrets to articulating the three most common vowel sounds in British English
  • How to sound more like a British native speaker using connected speech
  • The most common intonation mistakes English learners make when asking questions

Even if you have never been taught British pronunciation before, this workshop will help you understand and improve your British English pronunciation skills. 
This workshop is for all EFL learners with B1-C2 level who have an interest in improving their British English pronunciation. 

DATE AND TIME:  Friday 10th September 
Western Europe Time(GMT+1): 3 pm 
Central Europe Time(GMT+2):  4 pm 
Eastern Europe Time(GMT+2):  5 pm 
India Standard Time(GMT+4.5): 7.30 pm
Pakistan Standard Time(GMT+5): 8 pm
Indochina Time (GMT+7): 10pm

This workshop will be recorded, so don’t worry if you can’t attend live. Sign up below, and I will make sure you are sent a recording of the Peak Pronunciation Workshop via email. 
Feel free to share this workshop link with any friends or family you think would benefit from this workshop.
I look forward to seeing you on Friday,

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