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Private Online Lessons with Alice

Hello and thank you for your interest in private lessons. I offer the following online classes:


English for Young Learners (E.Y.L.) :4 to 16 year olds

  • Lessons are 40 minutes in length.  
  • Engaging and fun classes to improve English speaking, fluency, vocabulary and ability. 

Types of E.Y.L. Classes

  • General English: 
  1. Wonders GK – G6
  2. Primary Longman Express
  3. Cambridge English for Young Learners
  • Reading and Speaking:
  1. Mice Series
  2. Oxford Reading Tree
  3. Disney Stories
  4. Magic Tree House Series
  5. Step into Reading
  6. Dr Seuss Series
  • Phonics/Singing:
  1. Disney Phonics
  2. Floppy Phonics
  3. Singing Club
  • Speaking/Debating:
  1. Debating and Public Speaking
  2. Talk Time Lessons
  • Academic English:
  1. English/Science Anthology
  2. Academic English Course

All classes can include pronunciation practice.

English for Adult Learners (E.A.L.) 

:16+ year olds

  • Lessons are 60 minutes in length.  
  • Interactive classes designed specifically to your English Language needs. 

Types of E.A.L. English Classes 

  • General English (A1-C2)
  • Business English (B1-C2)
  • Telephone English
  • Accent Reduction/Pronunciation

Teaching Resources

I use the following (but are not limited to):

  1. Speak Out
  2. English File
  3. One Stop English
  4. Learn English with the News
  5. English Grammar/Pronunciation/Vocabulary in Use

Kindly get in touch with Alice using the contact form below detailing which course/courses you or your child are interested in. Alice will then create a personalised curriculum of study.

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My name is Alice. I help students around the world improve their English by building their fluency, pronunciation and confidence.